Stonewall Kitchen Traditional Popover Mix

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Baking the perfect popover can be tricky. Leave all of the hard work to Stonewall Kitchen while you enjoy the tantalizing aroma and perfectly textured popovers in the comfort of your own kitchen. Stonewall Kitchen has created a Traditional Popover Mix that creates ethereal, light as air popovers. Simply add eggs, butter and water to the mix and these delicious treats will be ready in no time! These would be great topped with Wild Main Blueberry Jam.


Malted Wheat Flour, Non-fat Milk, Sea Salt. Contains: Wheat, Milk

Features of the Stonewall Kitchen Traditional Popover Mix include:
  • Yields up to 22 mini Popovers
  • Add your own water, eggs, butter
  • Chewy exterior with light layered interiors
  • Made in the USA
  • 12.3 oz mix

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