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Boo! Healthy Halloween Snack Platter

Boo! Healthy Halloween Snack Platter

Fun ideas for a fun and healthy Halloween snack board! Sweet pepper ghosts, blue pretzel aliens, cucumber jack o'lanterns, witch's brooms and a pumpkin made of hummus make up this fun Halloween-themed appetizer.

We love this idea because it allows you to take whatever veggies, fruit and snacks you have in your pantry/fridge and turn them into something perfect for the occasion! Pretzels and sliced string cheese make witch's brooms, edible candy eyes are a perfect garnish to make just about anything spookier and cut shapes out of cucumbers, carrots, melon and more - to make Jack O'Lanterns, ghosts, etc.!

Halloween Appetizer Board

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What we used:


1. To make Witch's Brooms: cut string cheese sticks into 4 pieces each. Place one pretzel stick into each string cheese piece and use a pairing knife to make thin slices to give the appearance of broom bristles.

2. To make the Hummus "Pumpkin": place a large scoop of hummus in a shallow bowl. Use a spoon to create the lines of the pumpkin. Take a small piece of cucumber and cut stripes using a pairing knife. Place at the top of the hummus to look like a stem.

3. To make the Cucumber Jack O'Lanterns: peel and slice a cucumber into rounds. Use a pairing knife to cut out jack o'lanterns faces in each.

4. To make Blue Pretzel Aliens: dip pretzels into melted blue candy coating. (can be purchased at most craft stores in the cake decorating aisle). Top with edible candy eyes before the coating sets

5. To make Sweet Pepper Ghosts: use a little bit of hummus to stick edible candy eyes to each pepper. You may want to remove candy eyes before eating.

Other ideas:

  • Pimento stuffed olives as eyes
  • Apple slices drizzled with white chocolate to look like mummies
  • Melon slices cut into Halloween shapes like pumpkins or ghosts
  • Black olives cut to look like spiders
  • Sour cream piped on top of dip to look like a spider web
  • Banana ghosts - peel, slice into halves, use chocolate chips for eyes
  • Celery and peanut butter to create ants on a log
  • Place pretzel sticks into sides of Oreos to create spiders
  • Place two edible candy eyes on mini doughnuts to look like a screaming donut
  • Mandarin orange "pumpkin" - peel mandarins, leave whole, and use a cucumber stick as a stem

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Happy Halloween!

Enjoy! -Frankie

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